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Things to Do: Ski Silverstar

This is the first winter in ages that we haven’t had seasons passes at one of the local ski hills. With the uncertainty of how Covid would affect operations we opted to just day ski this year, so were super excited when SnowSeekers arranged for us to have a couple of day passes at Silverstar! […]

What to Do: Cross Country Ski at Kelowna Nordic

I have to start this off with an “I’m not an expert” disclaimer. Until this year I have only been out 1 other time in the 6 years that we’ve lived in the Okanagan. I used to go regularly when we lived in the Edmonton area but not so much since moving here. Like a […]

What to Make: Shreddies Mix

It’s January 1st and if you are not quite ready to give up on the holiday snacking, I have one more recipe for you. Added bonus to this one: great way to use up the random assortment of snacks that have accumulated over the holiday but somehow never quite gets finished! So, first the recipe […]


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