2023: What Have I gotten Myself Into?!

So not to be one of those people who jumps on the January “must get fit, weight loss, blah blah blah” bandwagon but….I kind of have to get my ass in gear so I guess I’ve on the bandwagon?

Here’s what’ I signed up for 2023:

The Okanagan Granfondo A friend and I signed up for this. We’re “just” doing the shortest one: The Cortofondo – 48km ride. It starts in Penticton and goes to to Summerland and back. Distance wise it’s not bad, but the route goes up and around a pretty significant mountain.
That’s the kind of thing where being fitter, stronger and lighter is useful. I know from my time riding the MS Mountain Bike weekend in Hinton AB that for me being lighter meant for an easier ride.
Want info on the Granfondo: https://okanagangranfondo.com/

picture of a blue bike
Not the fanciest bike but it’ll do just fine!

Across the Lake Swim with a goal to finish in slightly less time than last year: 2.1km in 45 minutes. That’s a few minutes less than the 48 minutes it took me in 2022.
The group that runs the event has created a “series” for their 75th anniversary so of course I’m also planning on doing the Kal Lake (1.5km) Swim and the Gellatly Bay(2.5km) one. I decided against adding Rattlesnake Island Swim – it’s 3.1km and I don’t think I’m quite there yet!
Although I don’t see that weight really is a factor in success with the swims, definitely an increase in cardio fitness is.
Looking for Across the Lake Swim info: https://acrossthelakeswim.com/

Last year’s towel (they were using the ones from the covid cancelled 2020 event) and cap.

So what does this mean for how I spend my time this year? Well, it means lots more time at my local gym, adding in some weight training to my existing spin, swim and yoga plans. It also means more walks with the dog and more time outside, off my super comfy couch hahaha.
It also means taking a look at what I’m eating – making some better choices for me (like maybe eat some vegetables?). Nothing drastic, no trending diets or massive shifts in how we’re living (not joining the keto craze or anything like that).

The real challenge will be balancing training for those events with still living life. We’re in a pretty amazing location with so many great wineries and breweries, restaurants, markets and food producers so there has to still be balance to enjoy those too!

And so that I’m not just singularly focused on one thing: I’m also trying to get Salesforce Admin Certified, have big plans for a my garden this year and have decided to make a temperature blanket (1 row per day of the year colour coded to match a temperature range).

2023 is going to be busy!

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