The 52 New Things In 2022 Project Update

I’m a bit behind but also have been really trying to do a lot of fun and new things this summer. The downside of doing all the things is finding time to write about them! I think today I’ve only completed & recorded about 25 things, so less than half with much less than half a year to go!

I found that I also strayed from the original concept, which was to start going through my pinterest boards and actually do some of the things that I have been pinning over the year. Now that the weather is less awesome I’ll have more time to be inside cooking, baking, crafting etc and not feel bad about not being outside enjoying the weather!

Here’s a few things that I did accomplish or are in progress!

  • Took a road trip with friends to Edmonton for a concert (Lumineers), University of Alberta tour and shopping at West Edmonton Mall (of course).
  • Attempted paddleboarding and successfully stood up and paddled for a bit without falling in or feeling like I was going to fall in. I’d like to say I’ll get more paddling in through the rest of the fall but I’m not 100% confident on that. We’ll see.
  • Took some golf lessons and played two rounds!
  • Started training to become an Artistic Swimming Official. In progress and will be fully trained in the spring. Super nervous about actually judging athletes but excited to be learning how.
  • Working towards being a Salesforce Admin. My exam is scheduled but I feel that it will probably take a few tries to get there.
  • And of course crafting away with my cricut, going to the gym and pool, and riding my bike (but not as much as past years)

So now it’s time to get back to pulling things from Pinterest and probably doing two (or more!) things per week!

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