Where to Eat: Yellow Star Snack House

A quick post to share a favourite lunch spot in the Landmark District part of Kelowna (just across the pedestrian bridge from Parkinson Rec Center): Yellow Star Snack House. The Landmark District is a collection of office towers that has really started to expand the options for dining in the area.

Yellow Star opened shortly before Covid began and thankfully managed to stay open through it all. It has now become my favourite lunch spot in the area on days where I work from the office.

Yellow Star features Vietnamese cuisine and it is fantastic. Reasonably priced and fairly quick it makes the perfect lunch stop. Everything is fresh and made to order, so can take a bit of time to be prepared. I usually order to-go and make it back to my office to eat and am back at my desk within half an hour.

Menu Favourites so far: Taco Bao (Crispy Chicken version), Classic Vietnamese Banh Mi (medium spice to add a bit of a kick) and the Spring Roll Bowl. I also love their ice teas (Strawberry Ice Tea is really nice) and eventually will remember to order bubble tea as well.

If you are in the area I recommend stopping in for lunch – or send me a message and we can go together!

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