Remember when Pinterest Fail sites were almost as popular as Pinterest was? This one could be a partial candidate for a “Nailed It” or Pinterest Fail site. I say partial because a) I loosely followed the instructions and b) it could really never do what was promised BUT it does look nice.

When searching for ways to deter the mosquitoes that have taken up residence in the back corner of my patio Pinterest provided all kinds of cute mason jar herb and citrus floating candle suggestions. I have pretty much all the things that these other pinner and bloggers were suggesting so decided to give it a shot.

You’ll need a large glass jar. I decided to use a large salsa jar but most of the images appear to be large mason jars. Essentially what ever jar you pick will dictate how much citrus, herb, essential oil and water you add.

When I was researching the best things to add to repel bugs there was all kinds of info from fresh herbs, to essential oils, to a combination of fresh and oils along with sliced lemons and limes. Lavender, basil and rosemary seemed to come up most. Due to all the recent rain and lack of heat my basil is struggling so I opted for fresh lavender and rosemary. I sliced some lemons and limes and layered them in the jar along with the herbs (just eye ball it, this really is just all aesthetics and not science) and fill with water.

If you have a proper floating candle, pop that in the top. If not just set tea light in there.

Overall – it looked nice, but had zero impact on driving bugs away. So if you are looking for a fun outdoor candle holder to show case your herbs – this is the project for you!

FYI the water stayed clear for about two days. So after two days, empty the water and compost the citrus and herbs and start again!

Fun outdoor candle holder (does not repel bugs).

Want to check out the other pins that I am trying to get through this year? Click here: Heather’s Pinterest Account and then check out the 52 Things In 2022 board. I’m also open to suggestions – got a pin you want to try with me? Let me know in the comments.

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