Easy Planter Idea

This idea has been pinned in my “Garden” Pinterest board for years and finally got around to putting it together.

I’m really loving adding height and different containers to my garden so this idea has been high on my to do list for a while. It’s really simple and requires very little material, time or effort! All you need is three (or more) different sized terracotta pots, a bar or stake that will go through the holes on the bottom of the pots, and some dirt and plants.

I decided on three pots but think that four or five would look great too. I could only find a couple of different sizes of pots so that was really my main deciding factor. I used a three foot piece of rebar as the center post. My first attempt I did use a wooden pole but when I had to relocate my pots to a better spot the pole snapped so my next attempt was rebar and is the better of the two.

Find your location and stick/hammer the rebar into the ground. Then slide the pots down the post on an angle. So that each post is slightly perched on top of the one below. I fond that building the dirt up slightly higher under each pot also helps keep them in place.

Once you have your pots settled, add the plants! This would make a great strawberry planter I think and next year, or maybe later this summer I’ll start moving some of my strawberry runners into the pots but in the meantime I just went to Rona and picked up a collection of basket stuffer plants to put in here to add some colour to my garden.

For those of you following along with the 52 New Things in 2022 – yes I am a bit behind! At some point I will have to do two things per week but don’t worry – we’ll end the year with at least 52 new things and posts.

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