Where to Eat: The Jammery

A long time Kelowna & area favourite, The Jammery, opened a second location this spring and I finally got a chance to check it out!

The Jammery’s original location is a short drive from our house so has been a regular stop. It’s super popular so worked well for our household of early risers. Typically after 9 am on a weekend the parking lot would be full and there would be a line up of people waiting to get in. The line up moves fast though, and there is a gift shop with viewing window into their jam making facility so the wait goes quickly.

It makes total sense that they would open a second location, this new location is right along highway 97, and almost any Kelowna resident will tell you it’s “over by the old Costco location” – if you aren’t from here, check out the website for the exact address and get your GPS to guide you in.

The menus in both locations are pretty similar so you can’t go wrong with either location, although a few of the items that were featured on “You Gotta Eat Here” are only available in the Lake Country location.

As expected of the Jammery, service was quick and friendly and the food at the City Location was the same as the Lake Country one: big portions, fresh (if that is the right word) jam to go with things like waffles, lots of variety of egg dishes. What I didn’t realize is that the lunch menu is also available in the morning – my friend had a breakfast panini from the lunch menu and I am definitely trying that next time!

The city location is much smaller and doesn’t have the same homey feel to it. I also found it quite noisy, likely because of the smaller size and the industrial feel/decor (tile floors, minimal things on the walls to help muffle sounds, high mostly open ceilings). The noise level really amped up around 9:30 (on a Sunday) as the restaurant began to fill so would be something to keep in mind if you are planning on going with soft-talkers or people with hearing issues.

plate of waffles
Yum! Belgian Waffles with strawberry sauce and whipped cream!

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