Lunch at Copper Brewing Company

I’m now a week behind in my post a week/52 new things in 2022 plan. The weekend swim meet to the Lower Mainland really took it out of me! Between being a swim mom and athlete over the weekend and then jumping right back in to work on Monday I barely had time to get my packing list (for next meet) organized and published a week late (you can read it here if you are interested/travelling to an out of town meet anytime soon). I’l have to double one week and put out two new things! Not this week though.

I took a bonus day off this week (weekend?) to spend some time doing nothing and going for lunch with my husband. We made a bit of an error in planning when deciding that Monday would be the day that I took. So many great favourite spots and ones that we want to try are closed on Mondays, or open late in the afternoon (not ideal for lunch). Luckly I remembered that Copper Brewing Company in the Landmark District (where the majority of Kelowna’s office towers are) recently expanded and are now able to offer a full menu.

Previous to taking over the former MTL spot right next door, Copper was limited in their food service options, I think due to the size of the kitchen, but with taking over MTL’s area and full kitchen they can now offer a menu to go with their beer. Like a lot of breweries, the food menu is not extensive, but what is on their menu is a perfect fit for a pint: hot dogs, sandwiches, and burgers make up the main parts of the menu. They also feature some appetizers/small bites and a few lighter options like soup and salads.

The beer menu was quite large with classics like IPAs, Brown and Red ales and some “funner” options like sours. Cider, wine and non alchoholic options are also available.

The food was decent. I opted for a hot dog – one of the items that they were able to do before the larger kitchen take over – and my husband had a club sandwich. The hot dog was really good, fully loaded, super messy to eat – be sure to ask for extra napkins and probably don’t order this if you are trying to impress someone with you manners/neat eating style. The club was ok, the turkey was sliced deli meat style and I think we were hoping for more of a “real” turkey experience. It did come served on fresh focaccia bread which helped make up for the turkey issues. Both came with fries served in copper cups which was a cute touch.

It did look like they were struggling a bit to keep up with the influx of people that showed up for Monday lunch (possibly short a server?) but everyone was really friendly so we’ll add this to our list of places to go back to.

Tip: If a booth is free try and grab it – each one has a video game system so you can play old school Mario while you wait for your food!

Hot Dog and Beer at Copper Brewing Company

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