Food Magic: Unicorn Noodles

This week I got a bit off track on my 52 things plan so instead of trying something new (cheating I know) I’m sharing a super cool way to add a bit of “magic” to your meals previously posted on my old blog with some minor changes).

Unicorn Noodles: rainbow coloured noodles – perfect to add to colourful fresh veggies in a protein bowl.  This is one amazing way to eat a rainbow. 

What is it?  

Unicorn Noodles are noodles that get cooked in the water left behind when you boil red cabbage.  Adding a few drops of an acidic juice, like lemon or lime, turns the noodles rainbow, or Unicorn coloured. 

How does it work? 

It’s all science!  Red Cabbage is a pH indicator and the acid change the pH of the noodles or something like that.  I’m not a scientist so I’m just going to say it’s rainbow unicorn food magic and direct you over to theindigokitchen and their amazing explanation of the whole process. 

How do you make it? 

Great question, and one that I can answer!  First you need to choose your noodles, I went with wider rice noodles.  If you look at pictures of Unicorn Noodles you’ll see that regular pasta works as well but I like how the rice noodle look better.  

Next cut up about 1/2 a head of red cabbage and boil in a large pot of water.  When I made it I used less than half and think that is probably why our colours weren’t as vibrant.  Let the cabbage boil for a 20 minutes of so and then remove the leaves.  Add your noodles in and let them soak.  I used the directions on my rice noodle package and let the noodles soak (not boil) for about 15 minutes.  

While the noodles are soaking up the colour sort out what else you want in your bowl of noodles. I baked a small piece of salmon and a chicken breast (for The Kid),  shredded some carrot and red cabbage and shelled some edamame as well.  

Watch the Magic Happen

When all the extras are ready remove the noodles from the pot and get ready for the magic!   Add a few drops of lemon juice to the noodles and watch the colour change.  This is really cool to watch and adds the WOW factor to the meal.

Serve and Enjoy!

After the colour has changed,  add in your veggies and protein along with a bit of sauce (we used thai chili this time) and voila – you are ready to eat a rainbow!


The acid spreads pretty quickly through the noodles and turns them all pink in a short amount of time.  To keep the rainbow going I would recommend separating the noodle into two bowls – one that gets the lemon juice treatment and one that doesn’t.  

Rainbow Noodles!

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