Events to Look Forward To 2022

Kind of a cheat on my “52 weeks of new things” post idea but it’s been a crazy week of just doing normal things, so instead I want to talk about all the things I am looking forward to this year now that Covid restrictions are lifting here in BC.

I don’t have to go on and on about all the stuff we’ve missed and how it’s affected us – everyone has been living on the same planet so we all know what we’ve missed. Instead let’s talk about how wild everything for the next two years is going to be!

Events I am Really Looking Forward To (in no particular order)

1. Canada Day: This is the one annual event that communities really come together. Celebrating the nation, sharing culture, food, activities. I have really missed this event the past two years. Yes, I know that Canada is going through a growing and learning phase and unity is not what it once was but for the most part I feel that for this one day we can gather and celebrate the people and the land. Canada this year is a Friday so I expect a full weekend of parties and events.

2. Across the Lake Swim: In 2019 my kid did the swim and I was super inspired. I signed up both up for 2020 and our registration has been ported to the next year since then. We’re just waiting for 2022 to open to confirm all our details and for the weather to warm up to start training in the lake and not just the pool. There are now four swims of varying lengths, we’re focused on the 2.1km swim but might also do the newest 1.5km swim across Kalamalka Lake in August. Details are HERE

3. Artistic Swim Competitions and Events: The Artistic Swim competitive season was cancelled one month before the first Provincial Event was scheduled in 2020. I feel fortunate that my kid’s team got a chance to show their routine at a fun meet in March (mere days before shut down) and that my masters swim group also swam about a minute of our routine. Since then all competition has been done via video submission so to be back in person will be amazing. We’re not sure how the spectator part will look at this point but at least the athletes will be there to cheer each other on.

4. Graduations and School Events: This needs little explanation. So glad that school events can get back to normal!

5. Rib Fest: No online word about this event so fingers crossed it comes back! Ribfest is a fundraiser for the Rotary club and featured four rib trucks (if truck is even the right word!) competing for the title of best ribs. The years we went it was a like a giant community picnic along the lake and I hope it is back again this year.

6. Scenic Road Cider Fest: Our favourite cider house Scenic Road Cider (conveniently just a short bike ride from home) hosted a festival with dozens of BC cider producers. I hope this one comes back! What’s better than sampling cider in the autumn in Kelowna?

7. Community & Sports Events: Just all of it – the triathlons, marathons, charity 5kms, tennis and pickleball events, football, baseball, track and field events, Kokanee spawning event in Mission Park, everything. Although I will complain about tourists and parking and people “at my beach/park/walking trail” I will secretly be glad they are there.

Across the Lake Swim 2019
Travelling to an event with team mates.
Synchro Scenes: Volunteering and Spectating
Dog Checking Out Some Swag from a market & community gathering. There were people everywhere, eating, drinking, catching up. Can’t wait for this to be the norm again!

Adaptations & New Norms That I Hope Continue

1. Online Classes/Learning Opportunities: I have had an opportunity to tune in and learn from some masters in their field on cuisine from around the world, bartenders sharing cocktail recipes, crafters sharing the love of their craft, and training for volunteer roles, all from the comfort of my home. Yes, sometimes tech is a problem (2 years in and we still haven’t mastered muting) but the opportunity is fantastic.
2. Ability to Participate Remotely in Some Events: As seen with Artistic Swimming remote participation is possible. I hope this continues for winter months – who wants to drive the Coquihalla in the winter? No one.
3. Work from Home: Would love to see businesses continue this or that the very least move to a hybrid model.
4. Participation in Active Transportation/Outdoor Pursuits: Have loved seeing all the people out walking, riding bikes, even just the increase in the amount of people out in the neighbourhoods – kids playing and families getting to know each other.
5. Mask Wearing When You Are Sick: I know that there is a pretty vocal group of people out there that feel masks are a violation of their freedoms and some that don’t feel masks help but honesty I love the idea of it being normal to wear a mask if you aren’t feeling well and still have to be out in the world – cold season in particular.

Whats on your list to look forward to/hope to continue?


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