Review: The Craft and Tea Club Box

This week it is time for another subscription box review – this one is a bit unique though. Instead of a box of “stuff” it’s a box designed so you can make the stuff.

The Craft and Tea Club box is a fairly new subscription box put together by a creator named Sam in Whistler BC. I really love supporting local (or if not local – then at least BC/Canadian entrepreneurs) so this was a definite buy when I came across it on Instagram. The box contains a different craft each month and a good sized bag of loose leaf tea – a different type each month, instructions on how to do the craft, a private facebook group to share/discuss the craft and tea, and recently an additional booklet with me-time type of activities: a word search, recipe, etc. Occasionally there maybe a little bonus gift included, my first box had a calming essential oil roller.

I’ve had three boxes so far: a paper crafted Advent Calendar, a nail art snowman, and a learn to knit box. I’ve enjoyed all three, the nail art was my least favourite so far, I’m glad I got the opportunity to try it but probably won’t make this a regular crafting experience. Each box comes with all the supplies required for the craft – with the exception of things like scissors and the hammer for the nail art. I really like this because you don’t need to buy a whole bunch of a supplies to try out the craft: for example for the nail art I didn’t need to buy a box of nails and four different balls of string: supplies were provided with just enough extras.
This box kind of reminds me of being in Girl Guides and doing crafts at meetings, supplies and instructions were provided, some parts pre-cut to make it faster/easier to complete. I love having something new each month to learn and do, and that crafting distracts from everything else happening in the world right now – focus has to be on the crating and not on scrolling social media or watching the news. It’s nice to checkout every once and a while.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you are interested in trying out, please consider subscribing using this link: Heather’s Referral Link You get a bit of a discount on your first box and I get a credit for my next box too.

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