Where to go: Our Favourite Dog Parks (for Big Dogs)

A few of our favourite off leash parks in Kelowna.

Ellison Dog Park
By far our favourite dog park. Ellison Dog Park is huge and features a wide open field, wooded areas, and an occasional stream and marshy place. As a fun bonus this park borders on the Kelowna Airport so there is always something to see.
This dog park is located at 4720 Old Vernon Road and shares a parking lot with the Search and Rescue building.
Ellison also has a separate area just for small dogs.

North Glenmore Dog Park
This park is closest to my home and has two small parking lots at opposite ends of the park. This one just great for letting dogs run, it’s really just a wide open space. It gets hot in the summer because of the lack of trees and can get muddy in the spring.
A really cool thing about this park is that bald eagles hang out in the trees on the mountain side bordering the park.
No separated section for small dogs in this park.
North Glenmore Dog park is located at 2150 Glenmore Road North.

North Glenmore Views

Cedar Creek Dog Park
Cedar Creek is a huge space with a field/open space as well as lake access. We really not use it for the lake access (and it’s great) so can’t comment on the field/non water spaces. It does appear that it’s not fenced so that could be a factor/risk for people with dogs that aren’t great at listening. I don’t believe there is a separate area for small dogs at this park.

The lake access is really the draw for us, lots of space to run & swim. It’s not a sandy beach, it’s very rocky so while people can also swim there we don’t often see that happening.
Cedar Creek Dog Park is located at 5167 Lakeshore Rd.

Cedar Creek Dog Park

Knox Mountain Dog Park (and a bonus – the dog beach)

This park is two different parks/areas. One is a long narrow dog park alongside the road up to the Knox Mountain lookouts. This park has some great views of the lake and is accessible from the parking lot at the bottom and from an entry path from a neighbourhood at the top of the park.

It’s well used and on a hill so can get pretty muddy in the spring!
At the bottom of Knox Park there is a parking lot, Frisbee Golf field and a road separating the park from the lake. There is a small dog park there with lake access. It’s not fully fenced – so not a super place for dogs that might be less interested in the water and more interested in running. The lakeshore at this park is a combination of rocks and silt so is not a place I have seen people swim (but I have waded in to retrieve our ball when my dog lost interest in bringing it back). Great spot for a quick cool off during the summer. It does get super busy though so go early/or later in the evening, or expect to have to park a bit a away from the either park. No separate section for small dogs here.

The main parking for Knox Mountain Park is found at 50 Knox Mountain Dr.

Knox Mountain Park in the Spring.

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