52 New Things in 2022

This is an idea that I have been thinking about for a while now, and since we’re into a new wave of Covid related restrictions I think now is the time.

A little background – when I first started my blogging it was to help us break out of a food rut so I decided to make 1 new recipe a week for a year. It was essentially a digital version of an old school recipe box. My blog and blogging skills evolved since then and that original blog is still around but not updated anymore. So here we go with a new version of that idea.

I realized the other day that my Pinterest boards are full of ideas, things that I have pinned with the idea that I will do them later and then just never go back to them. This year I’m going to take one idea a week, try it and share my thoughts and successes (and maybe failures). If you have Pinterest you can take a look at what I have been pinning and get an idea of what I am in for! Check out my boards here.

As a bit of a preview, I started making frozen dog treats this year. I found a pin that seemed promising, tried it out and then made my own pin about it. Frozen Dog Treats In all honesty this one was a bit of a cheat because I was already making other concoctions for the dogs but it’s a good illustration of what 2022 is going to bring.

Frozen Dog Treats! Bonus points for the awesome ice cube trays right?!
One can of pumpkin puree, 1 banana, 1cup plain greek yogurt, 1tsp (approx) of honey. Blend and pour into silicon ice cube trays. Freeze & treat!

Of course there will also be people food (not just dog food!), local adventures, home decor and maybe even some health and fitness ideas!

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