review: FABFITFun & Alltrue Boxes

I know I am so far behind the trend here with a review of FitFabFun, this box company has been around for ages but I finally gave into the Facebook ads and ordered one. I also decided to order what looks to be a competitor: Alltrue (formerly Cause Box). Read on to see my review and comparison!

A little background in case you aren’t familiar with the subscription box concept. Subscription boxes are regularly scheduled box of stuff usually with a common theme that gets sent directly from a company to the consumer. These two boxes are “lifestyle” companies – so the box contents can range from home decor to personal care (like skin care items) to fitness accessories. Both of these boxes allow the customer to customize (choose from several options) what is in the box.

The AllTrue concept is to have products made “fairly and sustainability”.
The FabFitFun mission is to “deliver happiness and wellness to everybody, everywhere”.

So in summary both a box full of general stuff. Works for me!

From the customization options and the type of promotion for both boxes I expected 4 items in each box. Both boxes gave me the option to choose 4 items from a preset menu. I bought both boxes from an ad for a summer flash sale (or similarly phrased ad”. I’ll review based in order that they arrived.

FabFitFun Summer Box
This was the box I ordered second so it was interesting that it arrived first. I was genuinely shocked when the box arrived (it was really big) and by all the stuff in it! I had selected the fun bowls (salsa and guac), a towel, a beach blanket and one other thing. I can’t remember what it was so I actually don’t know if it arrived.

Favourite thing: the towel. It’s super plush, it’s big and the blue and white stripes have a super fun classic feel to it.
Most Used: The After Sun Beach Mist It was a heat wave, full sun all the time week when this arrived. It’s nice to spritz this on after being out there. It’s cooling and has a great scent. No idea if there are other benefits (like is there a magic ingredient to stop the burn…probably not).
Weirdest Thing: Gold foil lip mask? I tried it, didn’t really feel anything amazing happening but it was fun.
Thing I haven’t even opened: Some kind of eyeliner pencil/eyeshadow contraption. Not an eyeliner kind of person so this one has been stored, could be something that I experiment with over the holidays or maybe I’ll give it to the kid.

Would I purchase this again? Yes, I liked it and even with the non-sale price I think the value of the box (with the exchange rate) is fair. I’ll try a couple more boxes and decide if it’s a regular thing or not.

This image shows all the contents of the fitfabfun box.  Most visible are a bright Orange and pink rolled up blanket and a blue and white striped towel.
Summer 2021 FitFabFun Box: Tonnes of stuff in here!

AllTrue Summer Box
The first box I ordered, it actually took over a month inbetween order (and paying) and delivery. The box arrived and had exactly the four items I ordered. After some research on their site I discovered that this was a special type of box, so the options were limited as far as what was selected and contents as well (I think) were fewer. I was underwhelmed when it arrived, especially after the FitFabFun box.

Favourite Thing & Most Used: The Bag. I actually love this bag. It has a zippered pocket and two wine bottle sized compartments on the inside. It’s big enough for a small grocery run but doesn’t look overly utilitarian. I do wish it had some way to fully close the top but other than that, I like it.
Weirdest Thing and the one I have not even opened: Marble Coasters. This are super plain, might look at using my cricut machine to customize them.
Other Items: The kid scooped up the special face washing tool – it has sconic vibrations or something and is really popular at the moment. The De-stress gel smells nice, I have it at my desk, not sure it de-stresses?

Would I order this again? Yes, I’ll do one more full box to see what a real one is like. The quality of everything in the box is good so no complaints there, just lacking some WOW factor.

Image shows the alltrue box with the bag, pmd cleaners tool, box with coaster and the gel.

I occasionally get special emails with links for free or discounted boxes, send me a message if you want a link!

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