Things to Do: Ski Silverstar

This is the first winter in ages that we haven’t had seasons passes at one of the local ski hills. With the uncertainty of how Covid would affect operations we opted to just day ski this year, so were super excited when SnowSeekers arranged for us to have a couple of day passes at Silverstar!

With spring break here, we wanted to share some of our experiences to help you plan your spring break day trip to Silverstar! There are a few things that are different thanks to Covid than in the past years.

Parking: SilverStar requires patrons to make a parking reservation. It’s free and super simple. Just go to their website, choose your day, enter your licence plate and save. You get an email with a scan code. Have that available to the parking lot attendants when you arrive and that’s it. We had zero issues with this, and found that parking was more organized than in previous years. Parking reservations are required before 11am. After that it is back to first come first serve.

Lift Tickets: We lucked out of course and had comp passes, but for the next time we go, the process is to buy online and pick up at the resort (make sure to check that parking is available though!).

Dining: There have been some changes to entrances and exits for the restaurants and cafes at the hill. Seating is also limited to allow for distancing between diners. Pay attention to the signs and maybe plan breaks at less popular times – take lunch early, or later than noon to avoid lines at the restaurants and take advantage of less lines for the lifts!

Other than those few changes everything else was pretty much the same as previous years – we had great weather, a bit overcast at the start of the day but the sun came out just before lunch and spent the majority of the day in the sunshine. SilverStar has amazing groomers (which is about all these old knees could handle on this trip), we did take a peek at some of the black diamond trees/moguls runs and they all looked in great shape.

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