2021 Outside in Kelowna Goals

Hey – so confession time. I’ve been an imposter this year.

I went completely the opposite direction as many of my friends (my have met in real life and social media ones) during the pandemic, instead of taking advantage of the fact that everything inside was closed and hitting the uncrowded trails, beaches and outdoor spaces I just stayed inside. So 2020 was the year of Inside in Kelowna.

2021 though I am pledging to get back to Outside. More time on my bikes, more time skiing (cross county and downhill), more time in the lake (swimming and kayaking) and more time exploring and sharing everything that we love in Kelowna.

The issue I have is that is so easy just do nothing. It’s easy to finish work, walk downstairs and just sit. So I’m using this space to let people (all six of you regular readers) know what I am doing in the hopes that if you don’t see anything from me that you might comment or message me – giving me a bit of a virtual kick in the ass to get outside. I invite you as well if you are local, or visiting Kelowna to reach out and join me for a physically distance walk, ride, paddle or swim (when it is warmer of course!). Also – got suggestions on what I should do? Let me know – I’m open to new suggestions!

Here’s what is on my 2021 list:
Cross country ski at least twice a month (in the winter of course!)
Ride my bike at least twice per month all year. This is easy to do in the warmer months and I expect way more ride days during those times. For Jan – March and then Nov – Dec this is when I really have to take advantage of the nice, non icy days and get out.
Kayak and swim in the summer – last year I was hoping to do the across the lake swim so as soon as the water is not super freezing it will be time get swimming. I didn’t kayak at all this year for some reason . It seems like kayaking is the perfect physical distancing thing so no idea why i didn’t do it!
Kelowna Food Scene exploration – I purchased a Kelowna Foodie Card card and my ultimate goal is to use every single discount on it. There are some old favourites (like Vice and Virtue and QB Gelato) and some new places I haven’t had a chance to try yet (like Matadora and Dosa Crepe) and I want to try it all!
A few hikes: I’m not a big hiking fan – mostly the uphill part – but I am a huge fan of the views at the top so want to get out this spring and summer get some hikes in before it gets too hot. we do have a great hill just behind us that links up with the Wilden neighbourhood trails so i think a great goal will be to get our at least twice a month from March to October (avoiding the icy slippery months).
– Start writing about Kelowna again – sharing my favourite coffee shops, local stores, wineries, parks, beaches and so on.
In summary more doing and less sitting on the couch for 2021!

I would love to hear your 2021 plans, and suggestions on favourite hikes, biking routes and beaches in Kelowna!

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