Kelowna Christmas Dinner – Take Out Options

I’m a bit late in putting this together and I’m sure this isn’t a complete list but hopefully if you are looking to not make Christmas dinner this year this list provides some options.

One of things that is challenging about spending holidays as a small family is when we cook a traditional dinner there are left overs for daysssssssss. Imagine how much turkey is left over for a family of two or three!

At Thanksgiving this year we finally decided to just order dinner from a local restaurant and I am still kicking myself for not doing it in previous years! It was so easy, cheaper than buying everything to do it ourselves, and we still had some leftovers. Add minimal prep and clean up to the equation and you have a winner! I’m still trying to decide where to order from for Christmas so thought I would share the list of options I have found so far!

Traditional Christmas Dinners

  • MidTown Station (this is who we ordered Thanksgiving dinner from). Turkey, ham and sides. Includes desert. $60 for two.
  • Rustic Reel Turkey, Ham and Sides. $65 for two .
  • Little Hobo Sandwich Shop Frozen turkey dinners, $12.50 per person.
  • Illchmans Turkey, Sides and Desert. $24.95 per person
  • Bliss Bakery Frozen or Fresh Turkey Dinner, $20 per person Online menu has lots of great baked good options as well.
  • Oak and Cru Turkey or Prime Rib, sides and desert. $175 for four (? I think it’s for four).
  • Startfresh Kitchen Turkey and sides, for two, $59.95. (Don’t want turkey? Check out their other meal kit options!).
  • Hotel Eldorado – Turkey or Ham with sides and desert, $55 per person. Also open over the holidays for dine in.
  • Bike Shop Cafe Turkey or Ham dinner with sides, $30 for two.
  • Frankie We Salute You Vegetarian Dinner, $36 per person.
  • Deli City Catering Turkey and Sides, $24.95 per person, ability to add on extras (like ham).
  • The Okanagan Table Turkey dinner, sides and desert $50 per person, Vegetarian options also available
  • Home for Dinner Create your own meal! Pick and choose how much turkey and which sides you want. Prices vary depending on choices.
  • Beet N’Boos Turkey & Sides. They have a couple of different options in sizes of dinners (additional sides) prices range from $24.95 to $39.95 Info on the meals and ordering is on their facebook page.

Less Traditional Options

  • Food Tours Kelowna: Night Before Christmas Box: Cheese, Sausage, baked goods, plus a Kelowna Food Card (discounts at all your favourite spots for 2021!) $149 Check out the Christmas Morning box as well for a nice option to make Christmas ( or before) morning a bit less stressful.
  • QB Gelato Christmas Eve 3 course meal Soup, Tourtière, sides and desert, $160 (for two I think). They also have a great sounding breakfast box – waffles, bacon, eggs, cheese, juice – sounds amazing!
  • Crudite and Co How about a grazing board instead of a full dinner? Prices vary depending on choice.
  • The Graze Company Another grazing board/charcuterie board option. Prices vary depending on choice.

Did I miss one? Let me know!

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