eBike Adventures: Pioneer Pavilion: Knox Mountain

Had an amazing “staycation” in Kelowna this month. I guess that is one positive to COVID19 – we had no where to go so we just took advantage of living where many people vacation! It was one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve had in ages.

We spent a bunch of time on the bikes, so I will slowly update the site with our adventures. One of the really cool things about having an eBike is that places that were just not accessible to us before now are. Can you believe we have lived in Kelowna for 6 years and just this year discovered there is a second view point at the top of Knox (the one we already knew about was the Apex lookout).

Information on Pioneer Pavilion is not really easy to find. From what I can tell it was recently built, replacing an old one and is a popular wedding destination. The Knox Mountain Caretaker cabin is located right beside it. Washrooms are available and the Pavilion is covered and has some benches so you could have a nice picnic up there. A good map and explanation of Knox Mountain can be found here. and a trail map is found in this recent City of Kelowna Knox Mountain brochure.

The Pavillion is at the top of the road. You can walk up a bit father to the Apex lookout but the Pavillion itself has some amazing views as well so if you forget your bike locks, don’t worry the view from the Pavillion is as good as the Apex one.

We started our ride from our house (advantage of an eBIke) but you can also start at the parking lot at the bottom of Knox. The ride is uphill, it’s doable on a regular bike but there is a reason that you really only see super fit cyclists doing the ride, it is uphill – there is no plateau to let you rest.

The road up has a few great viewpoints so be sure to stop along the way to enjoy the scenery. For the ride down you can either come back the same way, or take the exit to Magic Estates and make your way through the neighbourhood to Clifton and back down. We’ve done both, I prefer going back the same way because it means we have to ride right past Bright Jenny Coffee which is a terrific spot for a post (or mid) ride coffee and snack.

Overview of the Ride.

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