eBike Adventures: Scenic Road and Robert Lake Regional Park

Starting out with some mini adventures somewhat close to home as I get used to the new bike. I really love that I don’t have to worry about the surprise hills that popup along the orchards that make up my North Glenmore neighbourhood.

One of my first adventures was to finally check out Robert Lake Regional Park. This small conservation area is one of those places that was always on my “I should go check that out” list but I just never found the time to get there. I was out for a quick visit to Scenic Road Cidery and decided that I would finally venture down the hill to check it out.

Robert Lake Regional Park is a bit of a hidden gem in the area, although there isn’t much recreational space there it is a great conservation area with some amazing bird watching and some great views of the University area and surrounding valley.

The day I finally ventured down the wetland was experiencing a bit of a flood (and a bit of bug overflow as well!) so I wasn’t able to really enjoy it as much as I would have expected but it would be a nice little spot to stop in during a cider and orchard ride -and who knows maybe one day the road will connect from Valley Road to the University (one can dream).

Some stops close by this regional park that I recommend: Scenic Road Cider, Glenmore Fresh Fruit and Produce (on Valley Road), Lightfoot Farms, and one that will be worth checking out in the late summer Bella Rosa Orchards.

This ride is 100% doable on a regular pedal bike, the incline is quite small with the exception of up to the fruit stand (it’s worth it though – they have ice cream and other great cold drinks!).

Sign Post Leading the Way to Robert Lake
Robert Lake Regional Park Bird Watching Area

One of the interesting buildings on the ride.
My bike on the dirt road leading to Robert Lake

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