Things to Make: 80s Retro Glitter Bracelets

Need something to occupy some time that is best done outside? Any craft with glitter should be the top of your list!

Alright my children of the 80s friends, have we all come to terms that 80s is now a theme for parties, events, and dress up days at school?  It’s taken me a little bit of time, but I think I’m ready to embrace it, except for the 80 hair – that didn’t work for me in the 80s so it’s definitely not working for me now! 

A couple of summer’s ago my daughter wanted to have a glow in the dark birthday party and somehow that ended up as an 80s theme party.  One of the things I wanted to make with the party goers were glitter bracelets but we just ran out of time, as a result I had a bunch of materials hanging around in my craft supply cabinet so I thought it was time to get crafting and make some bracelets. 

In case you need a refresher on what Glitter Bracelets were/are, the internet has provided this picture of the popular 80s fashion item. Who didn’t love these in the 80s?

To make your own though you just need to make a trip to the dollar store and the hardware store. 

At the Dollar Store: 
– Glitter (the more colours the better!)
– Hot Glue Gun and Sticks (if you don’t already have them)

At the Hardware Store:
– Two different sizes of PVC clear tubing.  One size (smaller) is for the bracelet, a larger side is the connector piece so make sure it is just big enough for the smaller tube to fit inside.  You will also only need small amount of this larger size.
– To decide what size for the smaller tubing, use your wrist to measure it – the smaller tube needs to circle your wrist.   note: pay close attention to the type of tubing you buy.  Mine says “not for use in ice makers” printed  on it and I didn’t notice until I had started cutting it up!

Other Supplies:
– Scissors
– Funnel or a piece of paper to use instead of a funnel
– Container to collect the loose glitter.

Let’s get started!

First step of the craft (after gathering your supplies) is to go outside. Try and pick a non windy day, or find an area where your glitter isn’t going to blow away!

Measure the smaller PVS tubing (using your wrist as the guide) and cut.  Using your hot glue pipe hot glue into one end.  Set aside and let that harden up. While you are waiting you can cut the larger PVC into small pieces (about 5cm should be enough).Plug one end with glue, cut the connector prices while you wait for the glue to harden.

Once the glue plug has hardened, add the glitter.  We used a small piece of paper folded in half as a funnel type apparatus to get the glitter into the small PVS tube.  If you have a tiny funnel you can use that, or if you really don’t care where the glitter goes, use a spoon to fill up the tube. 

You want the glitter move around in your bracelet, so don’t pack it too full.  Real 80s glitter bracelets had water them, we didn’t add any and the glitter moves around just fine.  You can try and add water if you want.

Next pipe hot glue into the open end and let that dry and harden.  Once it is hardened use the larger PVC to connect the bracelet and create a loop. 

Finally – show off your awesome 80s fashion flair!

glitter bracelet
DYI Glitter Bracelet and a bonus reminder about how cool friendship pins were!

Post has been edited from the original post on my old blog

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