2019 Working Mom Holiday Experience List

If you were following my other blog over the past couple of years you ‘ll remember that I had started putting together an annual list of festive things to do with your kids, that weren’t going to drive you crazy or add stress to your life. Even though I switched the blog up a bit, I’m not abandoning that list!

A little background on the reason behind the list. A few years ago I started to see a trend among mom blogs and social media influencers to create the most elaborate action packed lead up to Christmas that they could. As a working mom I would have had to be super human to work, do regular mom stuff AND one of these amazing lists. But I didn’t want my kid to feel like she was missing anything amazing so I created a shortened, less stressful list of things that working (or just really busy) moms and dads could do to amp up the festive feeling without also amping up the stress level.

The list has had a few different names over the years but the basic premise is the same, turn some of the things you are already going to do into an “experience” and add in a few extra ones to celebrate the season. I’ll post links to the other years lists below – choose the one that works best for you!

There it is – the 2019 list. Each year the list gets shorter for me. Partly because now that I have a teenager I find that we need to do less Christmasy stuff and can focus more on things that we do as a family (although for short periods of time only, the teen will only sacrifice so much friend time for hanging out with the parents!). Here’s a few tips though:
* When attending the local light up, invite a friend or two to come along. It’s way more fun for my teen to have a friend or two to enjoy the light up and market with someone her own age. Kelowna’s Annual Light Up and Street Market is December 1st this year.
* Afternoon Appetizers and Games: Let everyone pick their favourite appetizer and either buy them premade or make them ahead of time to maximize family time and minimize stuck in the kitchen time. Planning on buying a game for the family this Christmas? Consider it a pre-holiday gift and bring it out to enjoy before Christmas.
* Attending a Holiday Market – look for one where you can park a bit father away and walk. Many of the markets are so popular but in spots with limited parking close by, nothing kills the festive mood like racing other drivers for a spot!

Links to Past Lists:

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