What to Drink: Craft Beer – Rustic Reel

One of the newest additions to the craft beer scene in Kelowna, Rustic Reel features some great beer, welcoming fishing cabin feel, and great food.

Located just around the corner from some of my other favourite spots (Vice and Virtue and Red Bird Brewing), Rustic Reel features an outdoors/fishing theme, combined with a menu combining fishing lodge/camp and German food. The large indoor seating space plus the patio makes this a great spot for an afterwork drink with a group of friends, or a cozy one on one drink with a loved one. During warmer days the wall between the patio and the main area are opened up bringing sunshine into the whole area. For the winter I think that the large windows and cabin feel of the brewery will really make this a winter hot spot.

There are some really nice touches that I appreciated at this brewery – the menu features both hearty comforting dishes and easily sharable snack options, has some creative kid friendly options – like the Char-CUTE-erie Platter (full of finger foods that kids love), and each flight comes with a taster glass of Tackle Bits and Bobbers, their version of the classic bits and bites snack mix. I also appreciate that the patio has a dog friendly section so you can bring your best friend with you while you enjoy a pint or a flight. (*I’m not sure what will happen in the winter with the dog friendly aspect).

Although odd considering this is a brewery, my favourite time to visit is in the morning, particularly on Sundays. On Sundays they have an all day breakfast menu featuring a number of dishes you can only order on Sunday. Our hands down favourite is the Double Stuffed Potato Flight, with the Spent Grain French Toast being a close second on our favourites list. I also recommend that you order the Chocolate Imperial Stout to go with your breakfast, it’s dark and rich and a great stand in for coffee; it is the perfect breakfast beer.
There are only two things I would change for the Sunday visits:
1. I was really excited about the Campfire Bean Skillet, because I really love the potato in the Double Stuffed Potato Flight that showcased the beans, but was a bit sad to learn that the cast iron skillet they come in isn’t warmed up, so the beans got cold quite quickly.
2. Non alcoholic drinks are limited. I know, this is a brewery so I get it, but it’s also open at 10am and welcomes families. If you don’t want, or are two young for, beer, your options are water, kombucha, or coffee. Rustic Reel is right next door to BC Tree Fruits and a block from SunRype, so maybe in the future they might be able to work with either and stock a juice?

I’m really looking forward to future visits (not just for breakfast) and trying some other food options like the GIANT cinnamon bun (seriously they are huge), the poutine that was featured recently on their Instagram account, and of course the beer cheese dip (cheese, pretzel and beer are the perfect combination).

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