Gellatly Bay

Things to Do: October in Kelowna

Although October 2019 looks to be off to a colder start than other years, there are still lot of great outdoor (and a mix of out and indoor) things to do. Here are a few our family favourites.

Nut Harvest:
West Kelowna is home to the Gellatly Nut Farm, a regional park housing numbers varieties of nut trees allowing residents (and visitors) to wander through and harvest your own nuts! Volunteers staff the park and nut sales go to assist with the upkeep of the park. This is an annual must do for our family! Even if you don’t want any nuts, it is worth a visit as the location and variety of trees make for a great walk and amazing photos! We wrote all about this on the old site: A Visit to the Gellatly Bay Nut Farm.

Visit a Corn Maze:
The Okanagan has a few corn mazes to choose from, but our favourite will always be the Kelowna Corn Maze located right in our Glenmore Neighbourhood. We’ve watched this one evolve pretty steadily over the years that we have lived year and may now be ready to go after dark!
Kelowna Corn Maze generally opens in early October and closes November 1st. Details get posted on their facebook page: Kelowna Corn Maze
For a gentle introduction to corn mazes, go during the afternoon, the scarier animatronics are blocked off during this time and get opened up after dark!

Enjoy the off season! Grab a meal at one of those spots you can never get into during the summer.
We all have that favourite local spot for breakfast, dinner or lunch that is also a tourist favourite – making it almost impossible to get into during the summer. Off season is a great time to get a table and take your time to savour the experience. Some of our favourite summer hot spots that are all ours during the off season include Sunny’s Diner, Raudz, Central and Waterfront Wines.

Wine Festival Events
Fall Wine Festival is the celebration of all things wine and the harvest. Wineries participate in special events, hold special tastings, and generally take the time to show off their wines before shutting down, or at least reducing winery hours, for the winter season. If you can get a ticket to one of the events definitely do, but other wise put together a mini winery tour and visit your favourites. Pack a picnic and some warm clothes, find a patch of sunshine and enjoy a fall picnic with a glass of wine to cap off an amazing fall. Okanagan Wine Festivals

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