Where to Eat – Breakfast: Sprout Bread

Sprout Bread is a newer addition to the food scene in Kelowna. It opened in the summer of 2018 and has been gaining happy customers ever since.

Sprout is located on Cannery Lane (125 – 1295 Cannery Lane), just behind Prospera Place, so is walkable from pretty much anywhere in the downtown corridor. It’s also just off the separated bike lane path system in downtown Kelowna so is a popular spot for cyclists, which is how we usually get there!

Sprout Bread has indoor and outdoor seating and a great selection of baked treats, bread, and speciality coffees. They also have a small menu of different types of toast and the toppings that you can put on toast (jam, peanut butter, beans, avacado) and if you are there for lunch some impressive sounding sandwiches as well. We usually opt for baked fresh muffin or scone though, and pick up a loaf of bread for later.

I really loved that the cups and plates, and spoons even, were vintage. It definitely adds character to the experience when your scone comes out on an old school china plate like your Grandma might have had in her kitchen and the spoon to stir your coffee is an actual tea spoon!

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