Where To Eat: Breakfast – Okanagan Street Food

One of the things that really solidified Kelowna as the top of our “move to” list when we were looking to relocate a few years ago was the food scene. Sure, the weather was a factor and wineries of course, but the abundance and variety of really great restaurants really drove Kelowna to the #1 spot.

A favourite of ours is Okanagan Street Food. It’s in an area that most visitors don’t venture into, just off of Richter this mainly Industrial area is home to a number of warehouses, industrial shops and lately – the majority of Kelowna’s Craft Breweries, so I am sure more people will also discover our favourite breakfast spot!

Okanagan Street Food is only open for breakfast and lunch and we have yet to get there for lunch but love having breakfast there when we can. It’s small, so try to get there before the traditional breakfast rush, but if you do have to wait it is well worth it!

The menu is short but sweet – breakfast options are traditional: bacon/sausage and eggs, breakfast wraps, and of course eggs benny. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either the Yukon or Classic Eggs Benny, and no matter what you choose make sure you try the homemade ketchup!

Okanagan Street Food also has a fridge/freezer case with entrees, soups and stock to pick up to take home. I haven’t tried any of these yet but it is definitely on my list of places to stop by at the start of the school year to pick up some remade dinner options for us when school, work and activities all get crazy!

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