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Where to Eat: Yellow Star Snack House

A quick post to share a favourite lunch spot in the Landmark District part of Kelowna (just across the pedestrian bridge from Parkinson Rec Center): Yellow Star Snack House. The Landmark District is a collection of office towers that has really started to expand the options for dining in the area. Yellow Star opened shortly […]


Remember when Pinterest Fail sites were almost as popular as Pinterest was? This one could be a partial candidate for a “Nailed It” or Pinterest Fail site. I say partial because a) I loosely followed the instructions and b) it could really never do what was promised BUT it does look nice. When searching for […]

Campbell’s Soup Cupcakes

This one has been on my to-do list for ages, right up there with the Heinz Ketchup one (maybe that one makes an appearance later this year?!) and I finally did it. These cupcakes, can also be a cake or baked in a loaf pan apparently, are easy to make and use ingredients you probably […]


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Hi, I’m Heather! Happy to live in Kelowna BC and share interesting things to do, places to eat and great things to drink. Occasional musings and posts about riding my bikes included!