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The 52 New Things In 2022 Project Update

I’m a bit behind but also have been really trying to do a lot of fun and new things this summer. The downside of doing all the things is finding time to write about them! I think today I’ve only completed & recorded about 25 things, so less than half with much less than half […]

Camping Fintry Provincial Park

Although not a totally new experience it was new to our dog, Maui, and a first for me as far as solo camping. I booked into Fintry a while back, taking advantage of a cancellation at the provincial park and booking in for one night. I needed just one because I was also training for […]

Cowboy Caviar

This one has been on the 52 things board for a while now and thanks to Tik Tik, the kid lead the way on deciding to make it. We deviated a bit from the recipes and the Tik Tok video to change up the amount of beans and to add a bit more flavour. The […]


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Hi, I’m Heather! Happy to live in Kelowna BC and share interesting things to do, places to eat and great things to drink. Occasional musings and posts about riding my bikes included!